Spire: Intrusion-Tolerant SCADA for the Power Grid


 * Spire.
 * Copyright (c) 2020  Johns Hopkins University.
 * All rights reserved.
 * Spire is licensed under the Spire Open-Source License.
 * You may only use this software in compliance with the License.
 * A copy of the License can be found at: http://dsn.jhu.edu/spire/LICENSE.txt
 * Spire is developed at the Distributed Systems and Networks Lab,
 * Johns Hopkins University.
 * Creators:
 *   Yair Amir            yairamir@cs.jhu.edu
 *   Trevor Aron          taron1@cs.jhu.edu
 *   Amy Babay            babay@pitt.edu
 *   Thomas Tantillo      tantillo@cs.jhu.edu
 * Major Contributors:
 *   Marco Platania       Contribution to architecture design
 *   Sahiti Bommareddy    Addition of IDS, Contributions to OpenSSL upgrade, latency optimization
 * Contributors:
 *   Samuel Beckley       Contributions to HMIs
 *   Daniel Qian          Contributions to IDS
 * Special thanks to:
 *   Kevin Jordan for convincing us that protecting the power grid is of utmost
 *     importance and leading us through a successful red-team experiment
 *   Daniel Adams, Robert Laddaga and Howard Shrobe for their vision
 *   JR Charles and Akshay Srivatsan for the initial investigation of pvbrowser
 *     in the context of open-source intrusion-tolerant SCADA
 *   John Schultz and Jonathan Stanton for implementing the confidentiality and for
 *     helping set up the system to withstand a red team attack
 *   Jonathan Kirsch for sharing his experience with the prototype integration
 *     of Prime in a commercial SCADA product
 *   Thiago Alves for contributing to the open-source SCADA ecosystem with
 *     OpenPLC and for helping us use OpenPLC
 *   The pvbrowser team for their pioneering open-source SCADA and excellent HMI
 * WWW:     www.dsn.jhu.edu/spire
 * Contact: spire_at_dsn.jhu.edu
 * Version 1.3, Built December 23, 2020
 * Partial funding for Spire research was provided by the Defense Advanced 
 * Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Department of Defense (DoD).
 * Spire is not necessarily endorsed by DARPA or the DoD. 
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