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I'm from Ecuador, and I would like to start my Thesis writting about VoWiFi, and I found Smesh a great solution to handoffs issues experimented in this area. So I decieded to try it :D


I don't have much experience on Firmware and Systems installations, I think I would need some help installing the Smesh System. I would really thank any help since I'm really interested in doing research on this system.


Let me tell you what I got


2 Linksys WRT54G-TM

1 Linkssy WRT54GS

1 PBX running (VoWiFi works fine with Meraki Outdoor routers)


Tell you what I did and couldn't:


- I successfully installed the RC5 WhiteRussian on each router. I also installed each .ipkg successfully

- I couldn't run the smesh.wrt.setup file, but I did copy&paste each line and the router configs were successfully changed (ipaddrs:,,, ssid did change)

- I couldn't do the 4th step (create an RSA key). I'm still working on that. When I promtp "/jffs/autocopy.sh /jffs/autocopy.sh" It says "dbclient: exited: string too long" after I created a pub and priv key with asterisk. (how do I make .priv and .pub files with dropbear? it just creates a file somewhere but no .pub or .priv).

- I can ssh between routers, but I must enter the password to enter.

- I connected 1 node to a lan ( The others are just connected to power.

- I did "./runSmesh". The promtp would wait a few seconds and then show a new line promtp (nothing printed on the screen). I also noticed that there's a "spines.snapshot" but it contains the following information:


Computing routing time: 0

So I guess it's not reaching other nodes. I did this only to the gateway node. Later I tried doing it on every node, but the result would be the same.

- I tried to connect a PC to the WMN. It connects successfully to it, but it gave me the IP: (which is not a valid IP). The LAN DHCP server on the router is disabled.



What could be wrong? I guess it could be the fourth step. Can anyone help me here please :D? I'm really interested in testing this cool system. I tried 




Thanks in advance




Juan Carlos Basurto


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