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Thu Nov 6 15:12:30 EST 2008

Anyways, let's check the IP assignment. Each of your routers has the wifi 
interface (eth1 probably, if you're using WRT54G) assigned to 10.10.10.x 
with the network mask The lan interface (vlan0) should be 
something like 192.168.1.x with netmask Finally, the 
gateway should have the wlan interface (vlan1 probably) set to an external 
IP, with the appropriate netmask. Is that correct?

After setting up the wifi interfaces, are the routers able to ping each 

Raluca ME

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> Hi,
>> Within the smesh.conf file - if I set the Neighbors setting to "-a ip -a ip" - SMESH works.
>> If I try to use "-d" or "-d" - then SMESH runs without error but the spines.snapshot file shows it cannot connect to other nodes.
> For autodiscovery the IP must be a multicast address. It looks like you
> set it by mistake to 255 instead of
>> I'm not sure where I'm going wrong.  If it helps - the 3 wireless SMESH nodes are set to,, respectively.
> The IP assignment is fine.
>> Also - I'd like to maximise performance for VoIP using these routers.  Should I be using option 3 from the README file...
>> 3. KERNEL REDUNDANT MULTIPATH MODE:  SMesh manages the network topology and the clients, but data packets are routed through the kernel.  This mode utilizes almost no CPU.  It employs overlay
>> multicast inside the mesh through the kernel.  The SMesh iptables kernel patch and modules are needed for this mode to work (available through our website).  The full speed of the network
>> is attainable in this mode when using low cost routers.
> The best performance is actually in the second mode (KERNEL=1 in the
> smesh.conf file). The 3rd mode adds a little bit of overhead, but assures
> redundancy during the handoff, while mode 2 (shortest path) delivers
> packets only to one of the access points during the handoff.
> Best,
> Raluca ME
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